humble beginnings...

I've been recording video since 2012, way before it was cool. 100% transparency, it also wasn't very good. Blown highlights, shaky video, absolute CRAP audio, but clients loved it.


I started my video journey with a Sony a55 that didn't even have manual control in video mode. Video is the #1 requested topic for my mentorships, so I decided to create this Bootcamp to help photographers learn video faster. Let's make your next video shine!

I use video to create lifelong clients!

Making Family Films – The Bootcamp

Week 1

Setting up your camera for video.

Week 2

Optimizing your footage for audio and stabilization.

Week 3

Developing the story.

Week 4

Putting it all together in the edit.

Questions we will cover

What equipment do I need to shoot video?

How do I make my footage stable?

What do I need to get good audio?

Can I use auto-focus or should I be using manual focus?

How do you pick the music for your films?

How do I decide what footage to capture for the video?

Should I record in 24p or 60p?

Should I choose all-i or IPB compression?

What software do I need to make films?

How can I color correct my footage?

Can I fix my shaky video in post-production?

How do you deal with artificial lights?