Have you ever done a gladiator/ fitness boot camp?


Yeah, me either... LOL.

However, the concept of small-group, goals-oriented instruction really hit the mark with me. And let's be honest, I would rather be working on my business any day of the week and twice on Sunday instead of working out. Sound like you? We can totally wear fitness clothes while we work if it makes you feel better!

The Bootcamps


Documenting Parenthood Bootcamps are four-week intensive small-group mentorships to teach you a specific set of skills. Have you wanted to learn video and searching YouTube is just not cutting it? Did you buy a client relationship manager (CRM) last year and still haven't fully set it up? Do you really want a kick-ass website and don't know where to start?

We can take care of that!

Making Family Films

Setting up your CRM

Creating a kick-ass website